Story of All Seasons Products

For years Dennis Weisen produced, directed and marketed his own National Television Specials featuring his own personal horses and animals. During that same period he also appeared in Horse Shows, Rodeos and toured with the Royal Lipizzan Show. When he wasn't performing he was operating one of the largest show and race horse ranches in California.


It was in 1995 that a tragic turn of events would change his life forever. While rehearsing a commercial in Monument Valley and executing a dismount while the horse was at a run, something he had done a thousand times before, he drove his fibula and tibia through the side of his leg. He woke up two days later in the hospital to find he was paralyzed from the waist down. The incredible fantasy life Dennis once lead was over as he knew it. Doctors, after several operations, recommended that he consider having his left leg amputated because gangrene had set in.

Two friends, that were still in Den's life, insisted that he not give up, encouraging him that with time and more operations he would walk again. For the next three years Dennis's two best friends James and Gene supported Den, the horses and animals while Dennis was confined to a wheel chair. Eight surgeries later Dennis had given up hope because his career was gone. He had lost everything but the horses, dogs, and other animals. With constant encouragement from his friends and his love for animals he started working with animal shelters. The hospital phone came in handy for Den; he was able to make calls setting up adoptions for dogs.


That was when a small business was formed called All Seasons. The intent was to design products for all seasons aimed at caring for your pets. The first product was a Dog and Horse Blanket that would serve as a raincoat. Time had passed and Dennis was learning to walk again and the business was taking off. 7,000 Dog and Horse Blankets sold in just a few months. That is when another misfortunate event occurred. James tragically passed away leaving Den to manage the business by himself. Oddly enough All Seasons took a life of its own developing new and better products: Dog Blankets, Horse Blankets, Tail Savers, Screens for Horses and Dogs, a carrier called the Pooch Pouch, Pet Pads, Pet Bed Rolls, No Chew Dog Beds, Dog Beds and Terrier Sleeping Bag.


While all this was taking place products designed for Sporting and Theatrical Venues were also taking off. Blankets and Seat Cushions in countless designs were selling at outdoor concerts such as the Greek Theatre, Ford Theatre, L.A. Equestrian Center, USC football and basketball games, and County Fairs. At the same time All Seasons was also serving 181 Pet and Tack Stores just in the Los Angeles area. So when the question comes up "Where did All Seasons come from?". The Answer is: James, Gene and a hospital bed. I'm the walking example that when one road ends, another begins. Only in America could a story like this take place.

© ​2016 by Daryl Schwartz

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